Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ugly things happening at work today. We have a colleague who had a real bad pain happening from her tummy to spine area. Understanding that she has some medical problems and due for surgery next week, we thought that it might something that could be life threathening. She was really pale. Sensing something could go wrong, we dial for an ambulance. She was already in great pain and crying out loud. When the medics arrived, our "dear" HR (well ...one of our HR staff) asked us the reason for calling the ambulance. She says that it is embarassing to have an ambulance to stop in front of our building and it cost the company $80. She claims that the patient will have to bear the $80 bucks. She carried on to say that we should just give her some warm water to drink, let her lie down, rest a while and she'll be fine. Talking about being a slave driver...... Ashole. Well, I can pay $82 bucks...$80 for the ambulance and another $2 to tell you to shut the fuck up. After this, several emails have been circulating mentioning that in the future.... if there is any need of an ambulance, we should consult her in advance before activating one. We check that our colleague is currently in the hospital, under obsevation since she has complications. Fortunate thing, that we sent her to A&E fast. C'mon.... we are logically sound enough to decide if anyone's life might be in danger and therefore, a need for ambulance. We still need to seek approval? What is it cost a life? What can anyone say? "Too bad"? "Sorry"? Where has education brought us to now? Kids... don't learn from adults like these..... too much ass kissing, do you no good. Pardon me.... but, bunch of madafarkers. Corporate cockernathans.

Posted by Muggs at 10:17 PM  


wat!? *sigh*.. such a HR personnel.. tis is sad mann.. ppl jus follow the books too much.. ask her if u need to write a report on y the ambulance is required! for her approval.. or does she still have to go thru higher mgt approval first?!.. duh..

oh n if she's ever in pain or something.. rem to let her hav some warm water then lie down to rest.. =P

grinnis said...
11:12 PM, February 16, 2005  

wah!! such a mean person who is so unsympathetic?! kau.. if i were u, i'd probably have given her a mouth thrashing..


Anonymous said...
11:14 PM, February 16, 2005  

Trust me, it caused quite a commotion,. That's what we all say, we should get back to work and just leave a cup of luke warm water on her desk if she's ever in trouble. We tried to reason, but she says she has been a nurse before. Some kind of nurse. Anyway, most emails have been directed at her. It seems that she'll bear all consequences the next time. Heck, I won't take my chances with her.

Muggs said...
11:46 PM, February 16, 2005  

hmm ... some nurse.

Probably made all patiests lie down with warm water. Which probably explains why she's in HR now?

I think I'm being mean here ... ;p


Anonymous said...
3:03 PM, February 18, 2005  

trust me, you are not mean. She is.

Muggs said...
1:32 AM, February 19, 2005  

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